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This past year was an amazing year for all of us at the Butterfly Pea, our bookings were increasing, for two years in a row we were named Best Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap by SiemReap.Net, we were getting the Butterfly Pea Villa ready to become part of our beautiful little oasis of a hotel and becoming more integrated to fully operate as a Social and Environmental Enterprise. It was all good, so much opportunity on the horizon, so many dreams to make come true, what could possibly go wrong. Of all the things that could have gone wrong we never expected it would be a Pandemic that would set us back and leave us in such a quandary. We didn’t panic and are using this time to prepare for the next chapter, whatever that may be. We aren’t saying it will be easy, nor do we know what is in store. What we can be assured of is that it will definitely be a new adventure. These last two months have definitely been a whirlwind.


It was in early February that we finished shooting for launching the villa on Misterbnb, Airbnb, and other luxury villa websites. All was good and then, little by little more information was being disseminated regarding a virus that would eventually become Covid-19, creating a worldwide Pandemic and change tourism for the foreseeable future. For us our last guest left the hotel on the 11th of March, we stayed open and employed all staff through out the month and eventually it became clear that this would not be short lived. We are technically still open and still employing the majority of our team, all who have been so supportive during this time and agreeing to lower wages and hopeful that this time will go by quickly. We know that the times of yesterday will not be the same tomorrow, that the environment will be different, that we will need to change some of our operations but our goal remains the same, to provide a Social and Environmental experience to our guests. We are not hopeful that the hotel will be full throughout this summer, or even this upcoming fall and winter, but we are hopeful that people will long to explore the wonders of Angkor and to visit and stay longer. We will be in unchartered waters but we are planning on being here for you, our guests.

We aim to maintain the standards our guests have loved.

The same quaint little hotel will be here, with an open view of the river, where you can feel the breeze and gaze at the sunset. A spot where you can have a cocktail at the bar, a place to read, and because of our size, social distancing will be a way of life but social distancing doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself away, it can be done in an environment where you can still enjoy what nature has provided us. We understand that your future travel plans may be on hold but we want you to that we plan on being here for you, when you are ready to explore again.